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Toni SuggestsHello and welcome, I’m Toni King and in this site I share Insights and Solutions to gaining Ultimate Health Wealth and Happiness in your life.
Firstly I’d like to share a little about myself & what I’m about.
My journey that uncovered my passions, desires, and goals in life began during an awakening due to a healing process in pretty much isolation, which allowed much time for reflection and self discovery and growth. In succession came an introduction to the wellness industry, the discovery of the Law of Attraction and the realisation that to fulfill my dreams I must be in perfect health and have freedom in all aspects of my life. As Synchronicity would have it, I was blessed to receive the awareness of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is an Energy Clearing Therapy. This combination of discovery’s have made a world of difference in my life.

Time has taught me, that to be in the best position to serve others, we need to first ensure that our own cup is full. I believe that it is every persons birth right to live in perfect health, and have abundance in all areas of life.
The joy of helping others is huge, however the joy of teaching others to help themselves is enormous. By sharing what I have learned and continue to learn I hope to do just that. My intent is to experience ever growing knowledge, wisdom, insight and awareness in my life which  can in turn be shared with others.

Life's garden of flowers.

I welcome interactions from those interested in sharing their experiences, thoughts and feelings, as well as those that may have questions. We can all learn something from each other. We all have little gems of awareness that we collect as we buzz from flower to flower thru lifes garden.

In this blog I recommend products and services of the highest quality in all areas of Personal Development, Health and Wellness, ( Physical Emotional & Spiritual) as well as Wealth and Prosperity.
I believe that with these essential aspects in place, we are then empowered to make choices with our best interest and well-being in mind, which in turn generates happiness, harmony and balance in our lives. Living this scenario can significantly reduce stress & dis-ease in our lives which, most often, is the cause of pretty much every condition that we, as humans adopt.

I hope you’ll browse through my site and come away feeling enriched for having done so. I welcome your feedback, questions and comments.
I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to create Your Ultimate Health Wealth and Happiness..

To Your Unbridled Success.

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