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by admin on May 1, 2010

Speedy Recovery

bon bandana 2I’d like you to meet my other precious girl Bonnie. Bon is a Dogue DeBordeaux, otherwise known as a French Mastiff. Some may recall the popular movie titled ‘Turner and Hooch’, staring Tom Hanks and Hooch the dog.

After sharing the story on Cill’s snake bite, I thought I might as well include Bon’s experience with her ear injury. No where near as spectacular, however, every bit as significant.

We live on a rural property and one of the things I love about being here is the abundance of wildlife that we share it with.  As much as I discourage and try to prevent it from happening, there is the occasional altercation with my dogs and some of the critters.

On one such occasion the critter involved happened to be a goanna. Bon sustained a claw wound to the soft skin of one of her ears. I’ve seen similar wounds in the past turn quite nasty if not bathed and treated regularly. The degree of infectious bacteria that would live beneath the claws of such a critter would be prolific.

However, this time, armed with faith and the knowledge of EFT I bathed it once, and then simply tapped to heal it. This was a brief process of tapping on the crown of Bon’s head while affirming, ‘I intent that Bonnie’s ear injury repairs and heals without infection’. I also repeated this intent tapping on an energy meridian on my own hand. Expressing gratitude after a tapping session, for me, is a given.

The following day after examining Bon’s ear, much to my pleasure and delight I found that it had improved out of sight. The stage of healing could be compared to that of a week old injury that’s well on the way to being healed. I had never seen a wound of this degree heal so quickly.

I’ve had them both kind of look at me a little strange whenever I’ve used EFT on them, but I believe that somehow they understand what I’m doing  :)

In acordance with Gary’s desire to share this remarkable Technique with the world, I’d like to extend an offer to all that are interested in receiving a Free EFT Manual and a series of insights. Simply enter your details in the blue box on the right of this page and they’ll be emailed to you.

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