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by admin on April 25, 2010

EFT For Snake Bite.

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I have two beautiful dogs, kind of like the odd couple. One’s a big French Mastiff (Bonnie) and the other is a little Jack Russel (Cill, short for Precilla). I’ve had them both since they were pups and they are now both 10 years young.

A few months back I was tending to my usual garden duties when I noticed that Cill was laying on her side. A bit unusual for Cill, she’s always very active and right by my side.  It was obvious that something was wrong after calling her and she didn’t respond.

After examining her I realised that she had been bitten, she had two spots of blood on her chest. I knew it was a snake bite, (Cill has a bit of a reputation as ‘Cilla the killer’ when it comes to snakes.)

As I knelt there beside her I could see she was fading fast, she was getting that glazed over look in her eyes and there was no attempt being made to move. I live about 50 minutes from my vet, there was no chance she was going to survive long enough to make that journey. After feeling an agonizing moment of helplessness, the thought to use EFT flashed into my mind.

As I’ve mentioned previously, every being is on their appropriate journey, therefore any healing must be done in accordance with the Universe. It’s not up to us to make the decision that they heal, grow, stay or pass on. We can only offer this assistance. Therefore I began by saying, ‘Providing it is in Cill’s best interest and well being, I intent for the poison to leave her body’.  I also instructed the cells of her body to do what was necessary in order to work the poison out of her system. As always, I finished by expressing thanks and gratitude for the healing.Within about two minutes I could see the life coming back into Cill’s eyes.  It wasn’t much longer before she raised herself up and was laying on her side looking at me. I sat there talking to her and patting her and within another couple of minutes she was up walking around. I was in awe, I had witnessed a miracle and I was on cloud nine.

I kept an eye on her for the rest of the afternoon, and she seemed fine. She was drinking, eating and getting around as though nothing had happened.We have quite a large house yard, so I really had no idea where the snake was, however later that day she went walk about, so I followed her. She led me to her kill, it was an Eastern Brown just like many of the previous snakes that had met their match with Cill.

Now it’d be nice if that was the happy ending to this story, however there is more. Given the amazing recovery, I saw no need to take Cill to the vet. However the next morning she had relapsed. She was very shaky and weak. This time I bundled her up and took her to the vet, where she was given anti-venom and spent two days before she was well enough to come home.

There is no doubt in my mind, that the EFT was responsible for her remarkable recovery that day, and for her making it through that night. It obviously didn’t complete the job, however if I’d have known this I could have given some follow up sessions. In hind sight I should have done this anyway. I don’t believe any dog, especially such a small dog, could have survived for that length of time after a venomous snake bite without some kind of assistance.

I’m happy to say that Cill is as good as new again, and much to my surprise, has maintained her reputation with her snake patrol.

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In Health and Harmony

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