Emotional Freedom Technique:

EFT is an Energy Balancing Therapy.

The remarkable gentleman that I was fortunate enough to gain this exceptional healing awareness from is the Legendary Gary Craig.Gary has recently retired but his teaching lives on.

How & why EFT works. Being an Energy therapy, EFT generates results by stimulating  our bodies energy meridians in a particular sequence. (These are the same points that are targeted in acupuncture).The difference is, rather than using needles we stimulate these points by tapping them with our finger tips. Whilst tapping these points we are verbalizing the issue we wish to resolve. This serves to call it from our subconscious to our conscious mind.Once completing this step we repeat the tapping procedure whilst affirming the intent of the desired resolution. In other words, freeing ourselves from this limiting behavior or belief.

Self sabotaging or limiting beliefs that we may have had since childhood, can sometimes be resolved in minutes. Others may take longer, depending on how many aspects we need to unfold to reach the core.Gary Craig’s results have been nothing short of spectacular.

The perfect example of the power that lies within this technique are the results that Gary repeatedly achieved in his treating of the War Veterans. These guy’s have been carrying devastating memories around with them, in some cases for 20 odd years. In their attempts to free themselves from their living nightmare, most of them have tried every known treatment, both conventional and alternative, not to mention the numerous varieties of medication, with little or no results.Most of these individuals found that after their first session with Gary, a huge degree of their negative emotions just disappeared. Follow up sessions allowed them to resume living happy healthy lives again.You see, by removing the emotional charge behind an issue, it no longer has the ability to affect us in a negative way. We’re able to recall, and even talk about the event, without experiencing the emotional pain associated with it prior to releasing it from within our energy system.

Gary’s Discovery Statement is this:

The Cause of all negative emotion is a disruption to the body’s energy system“.

If this disruption is not cleared, it can manifest into emotional and eventually, physical issues that can lead to ill health & dis-ease.Since learning this technique I’ve achieved numerous results on various issues in my own life as well as others which I’ll share in later posts.

In accordance with Gary’s desire to share this remarkable Technique with the world, I’d like to extend an offer to all that are interested¬†in receiving a Free EFT Manual and a series of insights. Simply enter your details in the blue box at the top of this page and they’ll be emailed to you.

Thought for the Day: “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine


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