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by admin on January 22, 2010

~ Empowering Suggestions ~

Nature helps to ground us.

In this post I’ve chosen to feature all that have inspired me, that I have learned and grown from and that have led me to where I am today. Also to showcase various people, products and services, all with relevence to my own pillars, beliefs, thoughts and opinions, all of which, I have found to be of the highest quality and absolutely recommendable. I truly value your opinion, so if you enjoy these posts please feel free to leave a comment. and share it .

The more we saturate ourselves with positive inspirational energy the healthier, happier, more harmonious and balanced we become. We raise our vibration and we can begin to evolve into the person we aspire to be. Once we open ourselves to receiving knowledge, wisdom, insight and awareness, we begin to receive it. We experience divine intervention and receive inspired thought. We become more in tune with our subconscious. The more we trust and follow our intuition, (gut feeling, sub conscious mind, higher selves), the more natural it becomes to do so.

~ Guy Finley ~

Get your copy of Guy Finley's FREE Starter Kit I’m extremely excited to have become aware of this amazing gentleman ‘Guy Finley’ & to be able to introduce him in this post. He is a life coach, a best-selling author, speaker, and so much more. The wisdom that Guy shares is nothing short of incredible. I believe that everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your life, can benefit in some way from what Guy has to share.

~ Wayne Bragg ~Wayne Bragg

Wayne and his lovely wife Tee are both dear friends of mine. It was through Wayne that I became aware of Guy Finley.

Wayne is a Life Path Coach. He promotes living a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life and has extensive Nutritional knowledge under his belt. He is passionate about what he does, and has an abundance of valuable knowledge to share.

~ Jonathan Budd ~

Jonathan Budd

I’d like to share some powerful words of wisdom from the Amazing young Entrepreneur Jonathan Budd. I strongly suggest that anyone that is looking to learn and grow, to be inspired, to extract the very best from themselves as is possible, tune into this guy, follow him, subscribe to his mailing list. He offers a fountain of valuable, inspirational, empowering, knowledge and insight to life as well as achievement. Go here to view an expression of Jonathan’s exuberant nature in the form of an email.

Mike Dooley
Mike Dooley

~ Mike Dooley ~

A gentleman that I have found to be extremely interesting, insightful, empowering, humorous and very lovable is Mike Dooley. Most people probably remember Mike from his appearance in the movie titled ‘The Secret’ which was my first introduction to him.
Since then I’ve become aware of his incredible talent and deeply insightful knowledge. Mike offers a totally Free newsletter which he emails out every week day, titled ‘Notes From The Universe’Mike Dooley.

These notes contain little reminders of our infinite power, life’s magic and how much we are loved. Thousands of Mikes subscribers including myself, have found these notes to be little confirmations and synchronicity’s to help light the path we’re traveling.

Mike Dooley is a professional speaker, and is the author of some amazing books that have become best sellers, which are also available on CD’ and  DVD. I encourage you to visit his site and enjoy what he has to share.

infinite possibilities, mike dooley


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