Living With Love And Gratitude.

by admin on February 18, 2011

Love is a Powerful Energy Force.

Love is a Powerful Energy Force.

Giving Gratitude is giving Love. Gratitude is what keeps you connected to your Power. Imagining having what it is you want, whilst feeling Gratitude as though you have it already is harnessing your power of Attraction.

Every time you give gratitude you are giving Love, and when you give Love you receive more Love back. This means giving gratitude to everyone and everything in your life.The more things you can think of to be grateful for, the more Love you’re giving out.

I’ve adopted a habit that’s become an automatic response in  giving gratitude for everything. Let’s say for example I’m expressing Gratitude for a piece of fruit that I’m enjoying. My thanks goes firstly to the piece of fruit, (after all, it’s whole purpose in life was to grow and give my body nutrition and energy to survive). Next, the tree that produced the fruit, the elements within the Universe that allowed both the tree and the fruit to grow, this being the soil, the sunshine and the rain. And let’s not forget the busy little bee’s that buzz from tree to tree pollinated the flowers. Then there’s the farmer responsible for the growing and the fertilizer that was used to ensure a healthy plant. The people responsible for picking the fruit and getting it to market. The store owners that purchased the fruit to sell, and last but not least, myself for purchasing the fruit.

Now I know that’s quite a list, but let’s remember, if it weren’t for each and every one on that list, I would not be sitting here enjoying this delicious piece of fruit.

By the way, I don’t run through this whole list every time I give thanks for something, but in my mind, I’m including them as I say ‘Thank You’ to the fruit by adding, ‘And Every Energy Involved’.

There are three ways of being grateful.

1. Past:  Be Grateful for everything you’ve received in your life.

2. Present:  Be Grateful for everything you’re receiving in your life now.

3. Future:  Be Grateful for everything you want in your life as though you’ve already received it.

When you are grateful for the things you have in your life, no matter how small, you will receive more.

The words ‘Thank You’, are two of the most powerful words you could ever use, provided you also feel the feelings of genuine Gratitude as you speak them.

Gratitude multiplies the positive in your life, and in turn eliminates the negative.

This is a topic that I could talk about forever, but Rhonda Byrne has already done an exceptional job of this which is why I’ve included her book titled ‘The Power’. I have it on audio and I love the Awareness and Empowerment that it shares and I figured that maybe you would too. The link to explore it for yourself is below.

I consider it to be one of the treasured and valuable items I have in my ‘Awareness Tool Kit’.

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To Your Ultimate Life Awareness.

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