Our Fellow Sea Beings

by admin on June 5, 2010


The Dolphins Need Our Help.

The CoveI’m a lover of this beautiful planet and all of mother natures magnificent creatures that dwell here.  I’m particularly fond of dolphins, they are highly intelligent, intuitive, very energetically aligned, and have extremely powerful healing abilities.

My intention is to shed light where there is grave darkness and share the awareness that’s needed to bring about a positive change.

I’ve been inspired to create this post out of a burning desire to help save our fellow sea beings after becoming aware of the tragic fate that so many of them are facing. They desperately need our help, before it’s too late. We need to be their voice, because their cries for help are falling on callas barbaric indifferent ears. That is, with the exception of active Causes like, ‘The Cove’ and ‘The Sea Shepherd’ which are committed to stopping the slaughter and giving Dolphins back their right to freedom and safety.

However, there is a passive and very powerful way of helping as well. We can use our thoughts and intentions in conjunction with an Energy Therapy known as EFT. I encourage you to visit  Teresa Bolen’s site, ‘Keep Dolphins Safe’, where you can watch a short video and tap along adding your own healing Energy to the collective. If you’re not familiar with EFT please visit ‘EFT’, for a clearer understanding of it.

Having this knowledge empowers us with the insight to take the necessary and appropriate physical action to compliment our minds intentions.

Let’s help make their home and playground a safe place to live and play, as it should be. Please take the time to have a listen to what these well known celebrity’s have to say.

I invite you to share this post and please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your opinions on this.


With Sincere Thanks And Gratitude.

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