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by admin on March 6, 2010

Fi’s Frog Phobia.

I’d like to share one of my favorite results from when I first began using Frogs r usEFT on others. I guess it’s pretty standard…..our friends become our guinea pigs :)

I had invited some good friends out for a visit this weekend. Fiona, (affectionately known as Fi) her husband Dan and their two kids, Seth and Abby. Whilst relaxing on the veranda I shared with them the knowledge of an exciting therapy I’d recently become aware of, which was EFT. Fi was very intrigued and curious, so I offered to work on any issues she may wish to have resolved.

Fi confessed that ever since she was 10 years old she had been terrified of frogs. So much so, that if anyone brought one near her, or if one hopped towards her she would scream and nearly cry. Fi was now 33 and still felt the same about frogs. We decided to work on the phobia.

In Gary Craig’s teachings he always reminds us to ask the client to estimate on a scale of 1 to 10 what level of emotional charge is present regarding the issue. This allows us to gauge the energy clearing results.

So Fi thought of an unpleasant memory with a frog and estimated her level to be an ‘8’. We began our tapping session. We sat facing each other, I proceeded with the tapping sequence while Fi mirrored me, all the while repeating the phrase, “Even though I’m terrified of frogs, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. Then we repeated the tapping sequence whilst affirming, “I choose to be free of this frog phobia”. This whole procedure took less than 5 minutes.

On completion of the tapping I asked Fi if her rating of ‘8’ had changed. The Precision of the Synchronicity this night could not have been better if it had been planned. No sooner had I asked the question and who do you think appeared?!! You got it, a frog hopped across the floor and stopped right at Fi’s feet.

Fi looked down at the frog and cautiously answered, “I don’t feel anything”. Then after a brief pause added with slightly confused excitement…., “I want to pick that frog up”. As I watched in absolute amazement, she did just that!!  Fi was in awe of what she was doing, Dan and the kids couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Dan asked me if I was some kind of witch or something :).

Fi told me later that she had felt an extreme shift take place during the tapping, a feeling she had never experienced before. She described it as a feeling of absolute peacefulness. What she felt was the clearing of the disruption to her energy system.

This Energy Clearing was done in January 2009 and to this day, Fi remains free of her frog phobia.

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