Surrogate Healing with EFT

by admin on March 20, 2010

EFT is an Energy Therapy. Everything is Energy.

Larn and kids We are all connected, for this reason it is possible to perform ‘Surrogate Healing’, which is Intention Healing from a distance. The method is the same as described in previous EFT posts, with a couple of very important inclusions.

Obviously, you don’t have the client present, so you are doing it on your own. You need to make it clear who you are directing the intention to, by focusing your attention on the person and their issue that you wish to resolve.

In order to honor the individual’s right to travel their life’s journey without interfering with the experiences and lessons that are appropriate for their own personal growth, we need to offer the intent in accordance with the Universe by firstly affirming, ‘Providing this is in the best interest and well being of this person, I make the following intention’……

Here’s an example of a Surrogate Healing I did on my daughter in February 2009. Not too long after she had had a cesarean birth with her second child, she needed to have a hernia operation performed. Needless to say, her body was far from being back to a healed and healthy state. She lived a reasonable distance from me and I was unable to be with her.

I began by affirming:

“I intent this healing for my daughter Alana King, providing it is in Alana’s best interest and well being.’

I then proceeded with the tapping sequence whilst affirming ” Even though Alana has a hernia I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Then whilst repeating the tapping sequence affirming: “I intent for Alana to have a successful operation and a speedy recovery”

The results from this were exceptional.  When I spoke with Alana after her operation  she reported having no pain and was able to get around quite well.  She was amazed at how well she felt. Until now, she had been unaware of my behind the scenes Energy work. :)

Alana had no need for pain killers and had a total of one week off before resuming work.  Her doctor was absolutely amazed at her recovery. He told her that he had never seen such a ‘speedy recovery‘ in any patient having undergone the same procedure. He actually almost lunged forward to assist her when he thought she stood up too quickly, thinking she was about to hurt herself. Alana just smiled to herself, thanked him and assured him that she was fine.

Her recovery continued as successfully as it had begun.

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