Taking Time Out.

by admin on May 8, 2010

Just As Important As The Action Plan.

20080101_114Taking time out is something I really need to remind myself of at times because I’m quite often guilty of not doing it.

This was recently brought home to me by my daughter Alana, when she invited me to join her and her two children, Kristal and Jason, for a drive down to the river. I was busily working away in my office trying to catch up on various projects and my first response was to graciously decline. I told Alana that yes I’d love to, however I probably should keep working. She went on to reminded me that I do need to take some time out occasionally…..

My conscious got the better of me so I reconsidered and decided to join them. On the drive down there I was aware that my mind was on the unfinished work I’d walked away from.

Well by the time we reached the river I had managed to let it go. We piled out of the car, dogs included, and proceeded to walk along the sandy river bed. Much to my delight there was a graceful black swan gliding peacefully along the glassy water. What a treat, mother nature can really turn it on. She is always able to relax me and hold me in the moment.

In the mean time my family went about their business. For Alana this was scooping small fish from the rivers edge to introduce into her eco fish tank, and for the kids, it was sliding down the sandy hills and  splashing about in the water. And of course for the dogs there was exploring and swimming to be done.20080101_105

I thoroughly enjoyed my self,  as did everyone else.

This little activity served as a reminder to me of how important it is to make the time to spend time doing enjoyable things with those we love. The value of these precious moments is invaluable.

It also allows us to re-approach our work load from a fresh perspective generating more productivity. I guess we need to remember that life is meant to be fun :)

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