The Infinite Intelligence Of Our Subconscious Mind.

by admin on March 17, 2010

Our Subconscious Mind and EFT

I’ve recently picked up a book that I read some years ago titled ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind’. As I was reading some of the affirmations that the author “Joseph Murphy” suggests we use to re-condition our Subconscious Mind, I found myself reflecting on why EFT is so powerful.  When we combine constructive autosuggestions (affirmations) with EFT tapping, we’re uniting and synchronising two of the most powerful sources know, the Subconscious Mind and our Energy.

Once we understand how our Subconscious Mind works we empower ourselves with the ability to become the person we aspire to be, to attract and allow the life we desire.

Because What You Think, You Are.

Once we understand how EFT works we empower ourselves with the exact same ability. The two go hand in hand.

Now you may wonder, why is it that we need to remember this awareness, why is it that our thoughts are not conducive to our best interest and well-being, our desires and intentions?  Why do we need to re-condition our Subconscious Mind?

Well consider this, right from childhood, (a good portion of us at least) have heard negative heterosuggestions such as….

* You can’t do that, you’ll fail.
* Money is the root of all evil.
* It’s not what you know, but who you know.
* What’s the use, nobody cares.
* There’s no point.
* You’re too young/old.
* what’s the world coming to.
* Money doesn’t grow on trees.
* Love is for the birds.
* Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.
* You just can’t win.
* What’s the world coming to.

The list goes on and on. As children, not knowing how to counter these negative comments, we unconsciously accept them and bring them into being as our own experience or reality.

As adults we can re-condition our Subconscious Mind by firstly becoming aware of these heterosuggestions that we’ve adopted. We can then address each self limiting belief by using constructive autosuggestion, hence the positive affirmations combined with the EFT tapping.

I’d like to encourage you to view this absolutely amazing Super Charged meditation that a brilliant young entrepreneur by the name of Jayson Shawver has posted for us. He calls it the ‘Meditation Station’.  Sit back, relax, go thru the breathing exercises then enjoy the Sacred Geometric visual while having a stream of Positive, Empowering ‘I am’ affirmations come flooding into your Subconscious Mind.

I have a little extra topping to add to this already delicious meditation. Whilst you’re listening to the ‘I am’ affirmations, apply the EFT tapping. Simply use the ‘Karate Chop’ spot on the side of your wrist, this will add enormous power to the whole experience.

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Wishing you an Empowering day.

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