by admin on March 13, 2010

Simon Sinek’s Talk on ‘Why’

As the successful teachers and leaders of the world are aware, we need to be coming from a place of belief, passion and truth to succeed in what ever mission it is that we choose.

Establishing our ‘Why’ is a crucial ingredient to this recipe for our success. When we’re coming from this genuine place, we are able to achieve our highest level of performance because we are following our truth, loving what we’re doing and aligning with a higher vibration. People we interact with sense and respect this and are more likely to ‘like and trust’, which causes the desire to follow us, purchase our product or whatever the case may be.

This is an amazing piece of awareness, as It promises a more honest and genuine world. It encourages us to go within and find our passion that may have been lying dormant waiting to be discovered.

Pursuing our passion and reaching high levels of achievement equates to a happier healthier planet of people. An excellent bonus, would you agree.  :)

I hope you enjoy Simon’s talk as much as I did.
I’d like to hear if you’ve realised your dreams or passions? I invite you to leave a comment and share them with us.

In Health and Harmony.

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